Friday, 16 November 2012

Latest news

Reaction came second in class 3 on Wednesday 15th November in the Puma Twighligt race at the RCYC. We made good use of the opportunity to check all systems for the Governor's Cup.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Reaction and her crew are currently in earnest preparation for this big event in our South African sailing calendar. In between our Wednesday evening club races at the RCYC, we have to get Reaction ready for her second Governor's Cup attempt.
We had to do a 200 mile or 48 hour sailing trip as a qualifying trip, which we did the weekend of 2-4th November. The wind was blowing a pleasant 7-10knots from the NW on Friday evening and we sailed out of Table Bay Harbour at around 19h00. By the time it was getting dark a thick fog and terribly cold came over Table Bay, reducing the visibility to almost zero. We had to fight the dark, the cold and the zero visibility until around midnight, dodging freighters and tankers  anchored in the bay. Once we rounded Robben Island (with our chart plotter as only guide) we knew that we were out of the anchoring zone and could relax a bit.
We wished for a sunny day the next morning, but instead a cloud cover was keeping the sun away for most of the Saturday. Luckily the wind was in our favour for most of the trip and remained a light NW for the rest of the weekend. We all know that the South Easter can cause havoc around Cape Town this time of the year.

Friday evening before we left the RCYC

Nicky and Nic at daybreak the Saturday morning, hoping for some heat from the sun.

Rigging the Spinnaker on Saturday afternoon